This is Not a Bedroom Pop Album

by Tonya Harding

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Good Times 02:16
Sad boy I hate to break to you but we won’t go back We’re taking your jobs and turning your girlfriends bi Maybe you shoulda tr(eated) her right Good times ahead Fuck off! I think I’d rather be dead Fuck boy I hate to break it to you but You suck in the sack Work so hard to keep your masculinity intact Sex toy I hate to break it to you But I only like it with a strap on Lose you in my closet Buy another when you’re gone
That girls’ got guts Spilling out Heart not on her sleeve But in an ostomy bag It just occurred to me that I’m bully you Half way through the best Tinder date that I’ve ever had This is my Gaycation Thinkpeice A list of things that bother me This is my Gacation Thinkpeice Taking a stand for representation on Viceland If I was Jesus Christ I'd turn the 2 train into wine Or maybe make it run on time Baptize all my pals in the Gowanus Canal So they can rise again Reanimate the dead Easter blows, no ashes on my head, wiping powder from my nostrils instead Don’t shame me because I want to vote for a president who went to Wellesley.
Peyton Manning Jameis Winston Roy Moore Bill Clinton Al Franken John Connors Donald Trump Matthew Lauer Thomas Jefferson Clarence Thomas The Research Advisor that I had in College R Kelly Josh Duggar Brock Turner Ben Roethelisburger Jeffrey Tambour Kevin Spacey Both Affleck Brothers (but mostly Casey) Pwr Bttm Rick James That Doctor from Team USA Lawrence Taylor Bill Cosby Louis CK Mahatma Ghandi Woody Allen Catholic Priests Bill O'Reilly Charlie Sheen Mel Gibson Chuck Bass Ramsay Bolton Porn Stasche The Capital The Bourgeois Corporate Monopolies
Pencil me in next to The version of me that you like best What day of the week is it Time for a hard pivot A dream come true the meat is falling off your bones I want to be Sarah Huckabee Sanders Lie to your face or over the phone I want to be Sarah Huckabee Sanders In a White House but never at home You can say that its obviously hipocrisy But people see what they wanna see And anyways, it wasn't me Put up, shut up Lock her up and throw the key away Watch what I do and not what I say
I’m doing well Oh won't you look at me? grown out of all my allergies I’m learning how to spell. Communicate through vague analogies The truth is you’re a story I still don’t know how to tell It’s a séance with the American dream Close you eyes and pretend to sleep I wrote a verse about the holidays drinking on Thanksgiving must run in the family Herpes scare last Roshashanah Adam Sandler’s Chaunakah’s got nothing on me We never did have tea, like your promised when I turned 15.
Got on at 1st ave and I headed out east Death by Audio, Stadium Shea: rest rn peace Buy a shot at the bar just so they'll let me pee Brooklyn, oh Brooklyn You gentrified me. So grab a light and we'll smoke like we're gonna quit weed. Cause the L Train is closing in 2019. I don’t remember the day that we met Made more memories than even I could forget. Smoking overpriced weed that we bought at the woods. Drank more beer and shot combos than anyone should Reading tarot in Bushwick for hours on end I'm so goddamn lucky to call you my friend. Now I’m ripping up carpet and staining the stairs. No ferry could ever compare. Forget for a second that we'll ever leave, Cause the L train is closing and I want to scream. Raise a glass to north Brooklyn And say it with me Cause the L Train is Closing in 2019


released May 17, 2018




Tonya Harding New York, New York

Femslash Rock Opera On Ice

We practice in the basement of a hospital. We think this will look great one day on our episode of "Behind the Music."


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