Punk is Dad

by Tonya Harding

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released May 25, 2017

Recorded at Studio G in Brooklyn
Mixed by Matt Storm
Mastered by Bill at Azimuth Mastering

Music & Lyrics by Martha Harrison and Mary Cass




Tonya Harding New York, New York

Femslash Rock Opera On Ice

We practice in the basement of a hospital. We think this will look great one day on our episode of "Behind the Music."

email: tonyahardingnyc@gmail.com

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Track Name: Makeout
You wont stop talking bout your vegan boyfriend
all damn night
and I thought we were gonna makeout

fall asleep stoned on the mattress next to me
and I’m left feeling frustrated sexually

I wanna I wanna makeout

Lay in your backyard talking shit
You tell me things that you’re going through

I’m distracted by the movement of your hips
No other thought except wanting to kiss you
Track Name: So What
Let’s paint our nails and listen to brand new
Because there’s nothing else to do
Cut off our sleeves and wear men’s work boots
Because I don’t wanna do what you tell me to

Get the grass stains out with tide bleach pens
Race up the hill let’s go again
Terrified to death for the day to end because
I hate all my other friends

Bunny ears and a selfie stick, don’t invite Claire
She’s too histrionic and today is nice and her boyfriend’s a dick
And gossiping about her makes me sick

Write down my poems with a highlighter pen
Lose my notebook on the subway
So I write em all again
About loneliness and hungriness and drinking
till the bends take over and I’ll swear I’m sober- kidding it depends
Track Name: Stick It To Me
Is it getting hot in here
or am I just insecure?
We might get Hepatitis C
But who cares they’ve got a cure
Skin sterilized, needle and dye
This kind of thing would never float with my rabbi
Just something fun to pass the time
Cuz we’re so bored of getting high

Stick N Poke Tattoos!!!
We got nothing to lose!!!
Check out that Bruise!
It looks sick dude

A ball point pen and my best friend
Are all I need
Memories aren’t permanent until they bleed
Don’t ask me what is on my thigh
This fucking thing
will be there when I die
Just something fun to pass the time
Cuz we’re so bored of getting high

The feeling of the needle as it goes in
Bedsheets red from broken skin
I don’t know about you
But from this angle that Vaseline gives me deja vu

Sick and poke and stick and poke and will you bleed and will I make you cry
Track Name: Bush League
Wanted to call you babe 40 times today
My tongue between your legs so even if I say
Everything I mean you’ll be too deep in ecstasy
To have the strength to run away

I’ve been keeping my secret for years
The only difference is this time the scent of your hair
Is thick in my mouth while I swallow my vowels
Its nothing new baby, I’ll figure it out

Fuck me on the floor of a rented room
Won’t unbox anything ‘cause I’m leaving soon
Spend an hour on the train
drive through Brooklyn in the rain
am I insane or do you too?

Pack another bowl take a hit or two
Spend an hour on the phone babe I’m begging you
Whisper in your ear that you have nothing to fear
And if I did I’d never tell you
Track Name: Football
The poem she wrote about me
was about how when we’re small
the kinds of wounds we get are cuts on legs
and rubbing alcohol can
burn em out and bleed away all of the
things that make us sick
when we bandange them in sterile wrappings
lectured not to pick at all the little bits that
form over the skin as it grows back
its that kind of self control I seem to lack

go long
I wanna play football in the fall

Go long
Lets play football in the fall

Overnight shift at the hospital
I’m on a one to one
Losing sleep I’m counting sheep
Realizing you’re the only one
Everyone else a carbon copy
A chain of electron bonds
Nonsense chemistry that’s buried me since 1991
And so I ask for what I want as if
I’m telling you a joke
You answer me with words I wish I wrote

Not yet a doctor but I think I know
Enough to diagnose
That I’m sick of loneliness and
You’re the antidote
Speaking of toxins did I tell you
That you’re cute when you get stoned
You say it makes you skeptical
but I think I’d like to know
if I can stand up to you’re scrutiny
I’d love to walk you home
If it’s with me then we wont have far to go
Track Name: Gov't. Funded Army of Sluts
I wanna get an IUD
I wanna get laid not have a baby
I like having sex recreationally
And can’t remember to take OCPs

They stare at me
When I buy Plan B
The checkout boys at the Pharmacy
But boys will be boys

And women have to learn to ignore the noise

My reputation doesn’t matter to me
“Respect yourself! If you want ours earn it!”
A senate smear campaign?
Does this mean you’re gonna check my cervix

I love having sex for fun
Like how you feel about owning guns
In my uterus there isn’t room
For your opinions- stay outta my womb

Buy birth control for me
Instead of food stamps for my unwanted baby
My rights are under siege
Back off of my ovaries

And menstruation is obscene, what the fuck is a sanitary napkin

Subway ads for Period Pads
are controversial
That Superbowl Viagra slot?
a dumb commercial
Plan B stops ovulation
Not conception
There are no long term side effects from
Emergency contraception

Except of course
The shame it brings upon your father’s house

Excuse me sir you -
Do you have a concussion?
Because my legal right to choose isn’t up for discussion
Track Name: Kim Gordon Hearts Whoever
I wanna get an abortion
Before I lose my rights
next time someone asks if I’m in Nursing School
I’m gonna get in a fight
One Bikini Girl kills two bikini girls
Cuz they were after her boyfriend
This isn’t coming from anywhere
I guess that means it’s not important

Bikini Kill are activists not musicians
They say I can’t play guitar but I can talk so
So shut up and listen

She lays there like an organ donor
When its getting late but hes got a boner
The plastered smile of a beauty queen
Body by bulimia and cosmo magazine

I don’t wanna explain to you why
The things I say are true
I’m not here to pass your test
That’s not why I told you
One Bikini Girl kills two bikini girls
If you have 3 Bikini girls and I am one
You’re gonna lose bikini privileges
If I’m gonna get to sing my anthem
Track Name: Spice Grrrl
I wanna move to San Francisco
Party with queer girls
At a punk rock disco club

But you say:
Don’t you live in NYC?
You don’t look like you want for anything
to me
oh oh oh

I wanna fuck in your parents back yard
Do a line of coke
I wanna steal a car
I wanna boyyyyfriend
I want somebody to love me

I wanna be in a magazine
Do an interview about recovery
I wanna find out just what it means
To be me

I wanna wear size six jeans
Or a 4 or a 2 or a even a 3
And I don’t wanna diet
I wanna a prescription for speed

I wanna sisterhood
I want the power of three
I want stick and poke tattoos all over me
I want a tarot reading that says that I’ll be FINE